Increase Dealflow on Autopilot

Personlized cold email campaigns that get you in front of your target companie- without hurting brand reputation.

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A simple process to grow your inbound dealfow

Marketing Plan - Advertise X Webflow Template

1. Aligning Prospects with Thesis

We  identify target companies that resonate with your investment thesis, ensuring that every lead we pursue is aligned with your strategic objectives and investment criteria.

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2. Crafting Outreach Foundation

We take charge of setting up your email domains and crafting compelling email copy, all while maintaining the utmost respect for your brand's reputation.

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3. Initiating Conversations

With everything in place, we launch the email campaign, sending out well-crafted messages to the identified prospects. Our process is designed to initiate meaningful conversations and open doors to new opportunities.

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4. Enhancing Engagement

We continuously analyze and refine the campaign's performance, optimizing email approaches to improve open rates, engagement, and ultimately, the success rate of your outreach efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who responds to the email when a founder replies?

Once a recipient shows interest, you'll take over to respond and schedule any follow-up calls, ensuring that you're in control of the relationship from the start.

Which email account is used for sending the emails?

We typically create a new email address using your company's domain to send out campaign emails. This practice helps to maintain the integrity of your email reputation and ensures consistency with your brand's existing communication channels.

How many emails are sent per day?

Over the course of 30 days, we will gradually ramp up the outbound emails. We start with 50 emails per day and reach the maximum of 175 emails per day on day 30.

What details are required from me to tailor email campaigns to my investment focus?

To align our email campaigns with your investment thesis, you can provide us with criteria such as company location, employee count, year founded, sector, revenue, and total funding. The more specific your parameters, the more targeted our outreach will be.